Hi I’m Kierra!

  • I am a model based in Los Angeles
  • I  Am a huge Thrill seeker
  • Fire sign 
  • Always dying to travel
  • Mermaid in a past life

But apart from the labels - my purpose in life is to help women transform into the most powerful version of themselves by creating their dream body with customized fitness, nutritional and shift their mindset

Let’s get you the body of your dreams, so you can STOP wasting your time with celebrity diet and workout plans (no more fad diet) and start planing your HOT GIRL SUMMER wardrobe (while you’re eating the foods you love and working out less

Let’s get you back into eating what you love WITHOUT the guilt, so you can stop “avoiding food groups” - and start manifesting your dream body (wearing a itsy bitsy tiny winy yellow polka dot bikini? the wedding guest dress almost too good to wear to the wedding?  the prom dress you wore at 16? Or strip down to nothing #nojudgementhere).

Let’s live with intention together (your custom workout + fitness plan) so that your excited to show off your body + maintain your motivation for YEARS to come.

I wasn’t *always* in the position of helping thousands of women get their dream body. I literally started from “raw vegan,” now I’m here (s/o to Drake). Seriously - 3 years ago I was mindless scrolling on Instagram hating my body, working out 3 times a day (hoping to finally feel confident in my body), and attempting to love myself - except I had NO idea how to:

  • build a healthy relationship with my body
  • find a workout plan that worked for my chaotic lifestyle
  • eat the foods I love (without feeling guilty)
  • stay motivated
  • spend less time at the gym (and more time doing what you love)


  • So I spend years hitting the books, going to the gym and testing out recipes (I’m not  afraid to say it) until I had created the siren method, a community of women and very first online course. 
  • My first online course finally gave me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose, to help. Women like you on their personal development journey. I have so much planned for you but let’s start with your fitness and nutrition roadmap. I’m here to tell you that your DREAM body is within your reach. Go buy the bikini you’ve had your eye on for months.
  • Let’s do this!

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which one sounds the most like you?

  • how to eat what you want without guilt by following the siren method
  • Which one sounds more like you
    • I want to create a custom nutrition plan and eat what you want (click here)
    • I want to build a custom fitness plan And workout less (click here)
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    • Learn how to create a CUSTOM nutrition plan with the siren method (here)
    • All about working out LESS and planning more girl trips (here)